Sascha Brossmann

Transformational leadership for purpose-driven product and innovation. And community.

Entrepreneurial creative transformational leader with a mosaic biography, a design degree, and some accolades. Community organiser, grower of humans, capability developer, former product design educator. Incurably curious. Purpose- and value-driven. Still striving for growth, courage, and connection. Likes complex problems and therefore loves working with people ;-). Dislikes speaking about himself in the third person. My superpower is synthesis.

I am here to connect the dots, envision a future worth living with you – and make it happen through resilient organisations. This includes rallying cross-functional teams around shared purpose/vision/values, enabling them to translate business objectives and strategic goals into tactical achievements while zooming back and forth between the whole picture and its details. My approach to work favours a holistic systemic perspective that integrates all functions and stakeholders in your ecosystem as far as possible united by sound strategy – unless pragmatics call for isolated quick tactical wins. Still hands-on if required, including ‘menial’ tasks.

Teaching and parenting taught me a lot. Above all that I deeply love to see people grow, both as professionals and as persons. I firmly believe that developing and enabling individuals is necessary for any organisation’s sustainable success. This requires deliberately designing the organisation itself alongside with its products and business models.

Enough of me – let’s talk about you. What are you here for? What keeps you up at night and why? How could I help you with that?