Starting with the new decade brsma : designificance turns into &:create. From now on, all professional matters will be represented at, while this site will be reserved for more personal stuff. I am way more vocal on twitter, though. Please, update your bookmarks and address books. :-)


Happy to continue teaching at KHB together with → Prof. Carola Zwick of → Studio 7.5. See → Crowd Sourcing for further information.

PS: I introduced a blog documenting student’s course work, useful resources etc. We’ll probably continue to use it in the upcoming terms, as well. Have a look at

2008.01.09 → Turing Tables will soon move from → Edith-Russ-Haus Oldenburg to → plug-in Basel for the Ecomedia (part 1) → exhibition from 18.01.2008 to 17.02.2008.

2008.01.01 To whom it may concern: Happy New Year! Now.
And yes, I am still very busy. And, besides, having a great life outside the WWW. ;-)

2007.08.20 Just for the record: I'm pretty busy until November 2007 (at least). Don't expect updates until then.

2007.08.18 → Turing Tables will be shown at the Eco-Media exhibition at → Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg from 13.10.2007 to 13.01.2008. (Opening: 11.10.2007, 19h).

2006 → 2007 Katastrophenpostkarte 2007 Personal note: The classical pattern of κρισις and καθαρσις still seems to apply. This worn-out centrifuge of mine seems to have achieved at obtaining a centre and arriving at a steady state. At last. Back on earth with those ancient cellars finally cleared out. Nearly three decades to reclaim myself from those piles of junk-now-gone and tear the facades down. Feels good beyond any description. Truly a happy new year it is, still getting better day by day. :-)
Wish you the very same.

2006.08.24 The beta version of → went online yesterday, pretty reductionist and donned in carefully tuned colours. Beta? Yes, beta. Zangi Music is presenting the second Erase & Reset festival at → ausland berlin for which brsma created a hybrid of poster and folder/flyer as well as ads for publication in → The Wire and → Zitty. The increasing traffic due to the upcoming festival convinced us to publish already now, as the development version was already good enough, though not perfect. Sometimes, one just has to fight the bane of too much perfectionism.

2006.06.27 Missing updates asides exhibitions? Oh, lazy me... <g> There are currently several mid- to long-term projects queued up and stepping on each other's toes. Amongst those the master thesis for my art & design college with the working title "Unfiltriert. Innovation ist Geisteskrankheit" which is to become a kind of collaborative diagnostical platform to reveal the true roots of cultural advances NB: 'Culture' refers to all kinds of structures that human society is contained in, dependent on etc., which includes technology, politics and so on. Then, but currently with much lower priority, there is a net based publication I started to work on with → Florian Cramer which shall provide a presumably unique melange of features in a, presumably unique ;-) of course, way. said feuillezine, unfortunately, won't be due before winter 06 spring 07, though (thanks to our schedules... <sigh>). I will be forgetting about the 'smaller' stuff in upmentioned queue for now. Better do than tell...

2006.04.08 Turing Tables has been nominated for the → Prix Ars Electronica 2006 . :-)

2005.11.26 Turing Tables will be shown in an solo exhibition behalf of the centennial of the great Californian earthquake of 1906 in the Seeing Gallery of the → Exploratorium (San Francisco) in spring 2006. The exhibition will run from 20060331-20060618 and is co-presented by Goethe Institute.

2005.09.13 Upcoming exhibition: The new → Gran Canaria Espacio Digital is opening on 2005.09.27 with 'Banquete Gran Canaria': selected works from the exhibition of 2005.01 at → medialabmadrid , amongst those Turing Tables.

2005.07.21 → garage 09 – Now.

2005.06.24 Still a pressing issue: → . Mind you, the term "software patents" is slightly misleading: you don't need to write software to be affected by the pending legislation. Running a website and such is more than sufficient.
See also the introductory article at →

2005.05.25 Honors ahead... :-D mp3 music webzine → which i have been accompanying as a designer for several years from the very beginning on has been nominated for this year's → Grimme Online Award .

2005.05.17 Mlle. Malaprop, a new project which i am currently working on together with → Thomas Goldstrasz will be shown at the upcoming → garage festival at Stralsund in summer. Mlle. Malaprop is an interceptive proxy server suffering of some Alzheimer desease symptoms, namely a kind of aphasia. She (yes, she) has forgotten every (German) word coined after 1880 (first edition of the Duden dictionary) and tries to make up for her lack of memory by substituting unknown words with similar sounding ones. (More on this sooner – or later)
On my own account: Just in case, as you might spot my name on garage's jury member list and start smelling ugly nepotism: Counter measures to prevent this have been taken during the jury sessions, the application was as regular as everybody else's. I, as well as the organizers strongly detest favorism, there is already far too much of it.

2005.05.13 So, you understand German and want to know something about Hochgeschwindigkeitslangsamkeit? There you go →  HGL: :block [What are you still doing here?!]

2005.04.29 I. Am. Concerned. → and → explain why. And yes, you can do something about this.

2005.02.11 I have been cooperating with → Arnold Dreyblatt on his new work Missing Letters. Missing Letters will be shown at his upcoming single exhibition "Inscriptions" at the → Jewish Museum Frankfurt/Main from 2005.02.25-2005.05.22. (Opening: 2005.02.24 at 19h)

2005.01.03 Turing Tables will be exhibited at → banquete 05 in madrid (→ medialabmadrid at centro cultural conde duque) from 2005.01.20 onwards.

2004.11.04 "The spirit of resistance to government, is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive." Obviously, the U.S. have once been governed by intelligent people (thank you for reminding me, Mr. Thomas Jefferson).

2004.08.11 Another reaction to the hilarious narrow-minded and socially devastating lobbying of our beloved distributors of so-called copyrighted work: → Aktionsbündnis Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft. I suggest to support this, if you're living in Germany.

2004.07 Turing Tables will be exhibited at the → Raumklang/Klangraum Festival in Cologne from 2004.07.09 to 2004.08.01 as well as at → garage 2004 (highly recommended!) in Stralsund from 2004.07.23 onwards.

2004.05 Turing Tables has been nominated for the → SWR/ZKM Medienkunstpreis. Horrible, ill-behaved website, they have, though. I definitely don't understand, why a project that is funded by the public can't be also made decently available to that very public which paid for it. (You need both Flash and Real Player to access the works. I'm not religious about Flash, I use it by myself if it makes sense. but in that case, it doesn't *make any*. Well, at least it isn't .wmv...)

2004.AprilOnce again: → 100 beste Plakate(100 Best Posters 2003). :-) Together with the → Von Fall zu Fall team. Once again. ;-)

2004.03.09The final version > of →, a cooperation with illustrator and former Adbusters art director → Andreas Töpfer, is online, at last (sigh!).

2004.02.24 "Copy Adorno, Go To Jail? Doesn't Think So". see →

For nerds I just stumbled across the following code in a PHP server behavior of Dreamweaver MX:
foreach ($row as $key => $value) /* what is $key???? */
They got quite some interns, erm, i meant: programmers there at Macromedia... I fear, my evaluation copy will simply evaluate to #f. Just like the one of Flash MX, one of the most user-hostile and bug-ridden industry-scale applications i have seen in a long while on Mac OS X — MS Office not taken into account. time to learn Java… [I just started]. In terms of coding for the web, i'll just stick to JEdit and Emacs...

2004.01.26 I am currently involved in setting up and creating a new magazine for net culture, which shall be an experiment in net culture in itself. You might like to come to the inauguration meeting in Berlin at the → Bootlab on 2004.02.01 at 12:00, too.

2003.12.16 Just finished → for reductionist potter Anke Schulz.

2003 Raise your voice against the implementation of software and logic patents in the European Community. Why? Get some answers at → FFII. Maybe you also would like to sign one of the → petitions.

2003.09.17 Turing Tables has been invited to → VIPER Basel. The festival is scheduled from 2003.11.21-2003.11.25.

2003.08.29 Turing Tables (see below)will be shown at the → observatori festival at Valencia (.es) from 2003.10.30-2003.11.02.

2003.07 Meet me during the 'Tage der offenen Tür' (open house) at Kunsthochschule Berlin on sunday 13.07 and monday 14.07. from 10-18h.

2003.06.03 brsma has been chosen to participate in the → Network Baltic internet exhibition in summer 2003. (German section curated by → Künstlerhaus Bethanien )

2003.05.26 The Turing Tables project (by artist → Franz John) on which brsma is collaborating will be shown at the → Hyperkult festival at Lüneburg from 2003.07.24-2003.07.26.

2003.april brsma has been awarded at '100 beste Plakate 2002' (100 Best Posters '02) → website. The accompanying book containing all the awarded posters has been published by Herrmann Schmidt, Mainz.

Q & A

What are you doing, actually?

As a professional amateur I often get to do things I love to do, often outside the confines of a fixed discipline and most often within the field of human culture (which comprises more than ‘arts and humanities’, mind you). Some of the stuff I get paid for, sometimes, could be labelled as ‘design’, some of the stuff I get sometimes even paid for could be labelled as ‘art’, some of the stuff I get almost never paid for, could be labelled as ‘purposeless, fulfilling, rewarding, and enlightening idle play’.

Design? Like, erm… ‘advertising’?

No. Design like, erm… ‘inventing, creating, adapting and refining both material and immaterial artefacts or processes, considering primarily somebody else’s interests, needs and mind frame, in order to provide a human-centred solution for specified problems’. A practice aimed at generating possible answers, i. e. fulfilling a purpose: to increase worth of living.

Art? Like, erm… ‘drawing/painting/…’?

No. Art like, erm… ‘inventing, creating, adapting and refining both material and immaterial artefacts or processes, considering primarily my individual interests, needs and mind frame, in disorder to open up mental spaces.’ A practice aimed at generating possible questions, insight and poetry, supported by stupore and meraviglia.

Where is your portfolio?

Talk to me, please, and I will probably be happy to show you something of interest.


Species: homo sapiens (colloq. 'human')
Subject Name: Sascha Brossmann (abbrv. 'brsma')
Occupation: Artist, author, conceptioner, designer, idler, researcher. To seek the sleeping muse in the machine – sometimes finding her, stealing a kiss.
Life & Work: Born 1972 in Munich, afterwards in some places educated – both out on the road and in academia. The latter artistically just as scientifically: visual communication (MFA) at Berlin Weißensee, in extracts computer science at Humboldt and German studies, linguistics, mathematics at Ludwig Maximilian. Lives freelancing (and preferentially cooperating) in-between design, art, and publishing at Berlin: culture worker. Focusses mostly on communication & interaction, intermedial spaces and socio-cultural processes. Utilises besides mind, body, writing gear, and paper frequently computers and similar cultural apparatus. Fancies it in the process preferably simple, pragmatic, reflected, playful, charming, witty, and radical. Gets sometimes awarded. Is sporadically permitted to exhibit both at home and abroad. Furthermore: passionately interested in phenomena of perception, cognition, recollection, and communication, cultural memory, all-too-human affairs, as well as the muse in the machine. Loves besides companion and friends: stage, language, music, and sensual delights. Favours amongst everything mentioned: sometimes all at once together. Strives consequently for: intelligent, delightful, stirring, vivid syntheses – to create, nurture and extend worth of living, insight, & poetry.

You may mail me at 01 (a) brsma . de, call me at +49.30.20007737, send a fax to +49.30.200077307, or reach me otherwise at my studio: Rodenbergstr. 7 / D-10439 Berlin.